Field of Healthcare (Heilmittelwerbegesetz – HWG), last amended on 20 System and their Employees were published in December reading of the proposal in November In the second part of .. Germany, the Remedies Advertising Act (Heilmittelwerbegesetz – HWG) were in line with the. Health on the Net Foundation. (accessed 9 June ). I S. ) vom 26 April Heilmittelwerbegesetz. [18] ICMJE.

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Heilmittelwerbegesetz by Germany and Ulf Doepner (2000, Book)

What information should be disclosed, and when and how? Responding to such unsolicited questions regarding a specific medicinal product is not considered as promotion, but heilmittewlerbegesetz company-related information.

The requirement for any financial support for passive participation in events is that the primary purpose of the event has to convey scientific information and communicate professional knowledge. Section 4 HWG see question 3. It abolishes the reward and penalty points system and the requirement for a second opinion when prescribing heilmlttelwerbegesetz drugs. Medicinal products for which the essential manufacturing stages are carried out in a pharmacy and no more than packages in one day are produced, and are permitted by the pharmacy operating licence.

What are the legal consequences of non-compliance with heilmiytelwerbegesetz distribution laws? Advertising to healthcare professionals, including claims for use of a medicinal product, must contain the following mandatory information: The national drug budget of stipulated spending limits for outpatient prescription drugs.

An average of over They penalise bad service and have high expectations of the healthcare system, though, until recently, most were satisfied with the services provided. Furthermore, the member company of the FSA must notify any assistance in an international event in advance to its affiliated companies heilmittelwerbeesetz the country where the event takes place.

In the last quarter ofthe German economy actually shrank by 0. Additionally, knowledge of the existing regulations applicable to these medicinal products is required.

The decision on granting the authorisation is taken by the jeilmittelwerbegesetz federal higher state authority of the state in which the wholesaler is established. In heilmittelwerbegeaetz context, a new medicine is a product for which a new marketing authorisation has been granted, either following an initial marketing authorisation application or following a major change of the marketing authorisation or an extension considering Appendix II Nr.


As Germany is part of the EU, three different marketing authorisation procedures apply:. Otherwise, the company may be liable for such content.

Furthermore, they must be heilmtitelwerbegesetz as samples, i. Therefore, digital tools are used for direct interaction, remote contact and a hybrid of the two when addressing medical professionals.

However, the provision of unilateral benefits such as conference travel support to healthcare professionals remains under discussion. Heimlittelwerbegesetz may be provided with such information so long as the rules noted in question 2.

Comparisons with the medicinal products of competitors are only permissible with respect to advertisements to healthcare professionals; such comparative advertising is not allowed to the general public. There are biotech clusters in Munich, Heidelberg and Cologne, and companies in this sector have had government support, although government regulations, for example on the use of stem heilmitelwerbegesetz, remain restrictive. Member companies must make available to heilmittelwerbegesez public a list of patient organisations to which they provide financial and non-financial support.

However, the disclosure of the report shall be without prejudice to the provisions protecting intellectual property and those protecting operating and trade secrets. The German legislator has different options to react to this judgment: However, exceptions may apply if the item is i of insignificant value and permanently and clearly visibly labelled with the name of the advertiser or of the advertised product, or ii a trivia of insignificant value, or iii an accessory to the goods which is customary in the trade.

Under section 4 3 of the HWG, all marketing activities to consumers must include the following notice: However, the provision of such SOPs is advisable due to the general obligation to introduce appropriate rules and proceedings as part of the overall compliance organisation. In addition, it heilmittelewrbegesetz be ensured that donations are made independently of sales transactions and are not intended to influence procurement decisions.


Pharmaceutical Advertising | Germany | ICLG

Even if there is no requirement for prior approval in all cases, can the authorities require this in some circumstances? These industry guidelines are binding for members of the relevant industry associations, and must be observed by non-members since they serve as a means of interpretation for German courts when assessing if a certain collaboration with health care professionals infringes the respective legal provision see Question Finally, the Medicinal Products Act Arzneimittelgesetz AMG also imposes legal requirements for interactions with health care professionals and patient organisations.

Holding events in typical resort destinations or in particularly luxurious settings must be avoided since otherwise doubts could arise as to the professional relevance of the event. Digital channels allow reps to adapt to GPs’ needs, with instant access to clinical data, guidelines, publications, training, webcasts and websites to back up product information. This concerns the organisational structure of pharmaceutical and other companies in relation to a proper delegation and ongoing supervision and control by board members.

I have forgotten my password. Publications relating to unauthorised medicines or to indications or pharmaceutical forms which are not covered by the marketing authorisation must not be of a heilmittewlerbegesetz nature see question 2. Germany ranks lower than other European countries on innovation, despite its heilmittelwerbfgesetz successes in the s and heavy investment by companies, particularly big pharma.

Hospitality is only allowed as part of training and further educational events organised by a pharmaceutical company. In cases where the violation of the provisions of the HWG also constitutes an act of unfair competition, it is possible to take action directly through the civil courts.

The German government suggested quasi-sanctions for countries that surpass agreed debt levels and for the European Court of Jurisdiction to have jurisdiction over disputes. In heilmmittelwerbegesetz, this system was replaced with prescribing guidelines for doctors threatening with repaying if budgets were overrun.