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The motif of the south carries a myriad of connotations within the Latin American experience.

Lista de latinos notables que perdieron la vida en el 2012

In the context of Argentina, the south for some extends only as far as Buenos Aires, that city of eternal light whose iconic Obelisco along the sixteen-lane Avenida 9 de Julio, bears witness to the many facets of urban reality. And yet for the many who were forced into exile during the years of the dictatorship, the south denotes retornothe return to hectorr.

To this end, the anthology is organized into geographic regions: The vastness of Argentina rings clear through these stories, and the urban stands in sharp contrast with the rural. The anthology also makes a quick foray into Uruguay in the section entitled Beyond the River Plate. I carry the South like a destiny of my heart. This volume consists of eighteen stories.

That number could easily have been multiplied many hundreds of times over. Literary production in Argentina began to soar in the first part of the 20th century thanks in part to a number of literary journals such as Proa and Martin Fierro. While both tizonn continued to publish foreign literature, the focus gradually shifted to the River Plate.


The martinfierristascuentoos particular, were concerned with exploring questions of national identity: What did it mean to be Argentine?

Lista de latinos notables que perdieron la vida en el | AL DÍA News

Is there a unique Argentine sensibility? Inthe literary journal Sur was founded by Victoria Ocampo with a list of distinguished collaborators tizom included Borges, Bioy Casares, and Ernesto Sabato.

Two years later, a publishing house under the same name was established.

Each contributed greatly to the expansion of literature, both national and Latin American, as well as world literature in translation. ByArgentina had already established itself as a center of literary production thanks to the Spanish Civil War, which caused an exodus of some of the most important publishing houses from Spain to Argentina.

This was due to a growing middle-class readership, tozon marked increase in university matriculation, and an explosion of innovative literature by Argentine writers, in particular, and of Latin American, in general. This kind of democratic participation in the literary and hence cultural text was later squelched by the military coup that overthrew Isabel Peron, who had become president upon the death of her husband in This volume celebrates their return to the South and remembers those cyentos could not.

I dream the South, Immense moon, its sky upside down. The process of compiling this anthology has allowed me that journey, a journey that could not have been made successfully without the help of my traveling companions, my collaborators.


Like the early explorers, I tried to find the open veins of Argentina in order to tap into the diverseness of its literature by seeking out new voices while ensuring adequate representation of key figures, past and present. I would like to acknowledge the work of my fellow travelers who brought along their new translations on this journey: Travels in Patagonia San Francisco: Sierra Club Books, If we are travelers at all, we are literary travelers.

A literary reference or connection is likely to excite us as much as a rare animal or plant; and so we touch on some of the instances in which Patagonia has affected the literary imagination.

It can be said, therefore, that literature comes to life through travel, and travel comes alive vuentos seen through the lens of great literature. You must be logged in to post a comment. Whereabouts Press Your Literary Journey. Preface for Argentina When I think of going anywhere, I think of going south. Quiero al Sur, Su buena gente, su dignidad.

El legado imborrable

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