has ratings and reviews. Paul said: This was tedious postmodern whatever who cares experimental crap of the worst gh I would l. is one of those books that ought to be gimmicky but isn’t. It’s descriptions of people on a London underground train, all described. [Geoff Ryman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A cult classic in the making. is the novel about everyone you’ve ever met and.

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He had to attempt some experimental bullshit that destroyed some perfectly good stories. While the character is pondering whether or not Kandinsky was synaesthetic, the individual next to her is thinking about the thesis he would like to write on Dickens.

You can read that online version for free here: So my engagement may have been lacking as well. View all 21 comments. I would read about a carriage of characters or just one or two between other things because if you read it in one go or maybe it was the only book you read for a week I think the charm could wear off and that would be a real shame as this book is brilliant.

In fact, it’s probably perfect for public transit. Jun 13, Thekelburrows rated it really liked it. I know that there should be separation of the author from the text, but honestly, I felt genuinely sick reading this. It combines three of my great loves: Despite each character’s “limited” appearance their stories are cleverly written and in turn funny, moving, thought provoking and inspired.

This article about a s science fiction novel is a stub.

Hahaha its definitely good for commuting as each page is a tale so you can read it in heoff, in fact bursts is probably the best way to read this novel IMHO. Some come in neatly self-contained pairs, while some are interlinked across cars and pages to form larger stories: Really interesting project that I feel works well in execution.


The majority of the novel consists of character descriptions, each one words long. Jun 29, Joan rated it did not like it Shelves: For instance, people who already know one another in their professional or personal lives might be on the train at the same time, but on different cars, so that they do not meet during the trip.

The reader can proceed from one character to another using these yrman or can read the novel in positional order, e. You see people for 10 minutes at a time and can only form opinions based on that short time frame.

This review was only about the book. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. July 28, at 2: Ryman establishes a complex network of interpersonal relations. Each character is described by groff outward appe A possible cult classic in the making — only time will tell on that though.

Keith is in the middle of a paragraph that starts like this: And the book is peppered with footnotes, little joke sketches and so on. A lack of links between passengers means that the reader must traverse the story linearly, thereby emphasizing the differences between passengers. Not to mention, I can only remember one gay character, and he was depicted as non-consensually snogging his neighbour when he realized they were going to die.

Part of the interest, one would think, would be to see who falls into which category when you re I can’t even begin to speak coherently about this book. Jul 18, Thomas Hale rated it really liked it. Open Preview See a Problem? Want to Read saving…. Thomas at My Porch. Ryman states that the meaning of is dramatically changed when read in digital form as opposed to print geof.


Furthermore, I found the book to have some racist elements–probably unconscious and unintentional, but they weighed down my enjoyment nonetheless. Ryman includes himself amongst the Another London book you might like to check out was Bleeding London by Geoff Nicholson in which a chap sets out to find people by walking through the A-Z.

253 or Tube Theatre; a Novel for the Internet About London Underground in Seven Cars and a Crash

And each one’s story takes one page comprised of exactly words in this novel. So I recommend the paper version. I would recommend this for a re-read, I think its one I will go back to one day, and maybe more, in the future.

A normal novel is structured along the temporal dimension; the author takes a small number of people, and follows their evolution through an extended period of time. Al empezar a leer, uno piensa que se va a aburrir como una ostra.

– Geoff Ryman | Savidge Reads

The frequent meditations on art also lend an essayistic dimension to the discourse. I am an author myself and understand the need to recycle material.

It’s an experimental novel: Each life is a micro story, a life condensed into a single page x Very irritating and made the whole reading experience for me very disjointed 2. In his introduction, the author informs the reader that at the end of its course, the geogf in which the characters are travelling will derail.