Project Report on Financial Analysis of AMUL. Copyright: © All in thereby leading the way for greening Gujarat for pestering-as per Amul’s green GCMMF has registered compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23% during last four. Final Report of Gcmmf Ltd – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), 09/ MBA/ DECLARATION. I, ASHWIN B. NIMJE, hereby declare that the .. an annual turnover of Taste Of India (GCMMF)Receives International. THE Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), crore in fiscal to Rs 27, crore in fiscal —and attributed this to.

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Henceforth, any shareholder applying for dematerialization of existing physical share of Kwality Amnual. Please register my e-mail ID as given below, in your records, for sending the communications:.

GCMMF reports turnover of ₹ 20735 crore

CS Compliance Officer, Email: Rattan Sagar Khanna is a B. He is having an experience of more than 40 years in the dairy sector. For his contribution to the development of rural dairy sector, the Ayurvet Knowledge Symposium has awarded Dr. Under his able guidance and immense leadership the company is expected to further solidify its growth prospects.

Sanjay Dhingra has significant experience of more than two decades in the business of FMCG products with varied exposure in manufacturing, trading and international marketing.

Under his able leadership the company has successfully established itself as a dominant player in the dairy industry in the country. Pranab Mukherjee for being a successful self industrialist and for his immense contribution to the Dairy sector. Manjit Dahiya holds more than 25 years of experience in the Dairy Industry, expert in setting dairy plants, development of dairy product and implementing latest developments in dairy industry and is responsible for handling technical issue at the Plant and milk chilling centers.

He is responsible for bringing lots of reforms in SMP, Ghee, Cheese, Paneer, Dairy Whitener and other dairy products which prove to be a boon for the company. He has expert knowledge in the products manufactured by Kwality Limited and its utilization. He is also serving on the committee of the Board and has been instrumental in the promotion of the Company.

Bhalla is a passionate leader with a long track record of Successful management of Premier dairies of India. An inspiring and motivational manager with first-rate interpersonal skills, ability, zeal and zest to develop the vision of any company managed. Possess ability to push performance improvement whilst at the same time delivering growth.


In excess of 35 years hands on experience gained from within the dairy industry,with specific skills in Product development, Quality Assurance and Management, Business and Stakeholder Performance and Analysis. Business Growth and Development have always ensured that clear objectives and expectations are delivered and maintained. Ltd Gujarat Having Cr.

Turnover a new concept for Dairy Industry which is a anhual of Co-operative and Professional Management. Ashok Kumar Gupta has close to 40 years of experience in annal banking sector and has served as an Executive Director at Canara Bank where his stewardship significantly boosted growth and profitability.

Before he joined Canara Bank, Mr. Gupta had an exceptionally distinguished career at the Punjab National Bank spanning over three decades. His extensive knowledge of the entire gamut of banking practices has stood him in good stead in discharging his duties.

As a partner of the firm, responsible for internal audits; the implementation and design of systems, statutory audits, tax audits and advisory services. Having professional and personal demeanor to work with a variety of clients across industries as well as successfully communicating with team and garnered significant business and financial expertise in accountancy, taxation, auditing and management.

Consume it without having to compromise with your health. Kwality toned milk is the perfect blend of good health and wholesome taste. Kwality double-toned milk is the ideal choice for health conscious people. Kwality toned milk dahi contains the goodness of natural calcium. Kwality skimmed milk dahi is rich in calcium, proteins, and vitamins. It is good for people who are cholesterol concious as the fats are removed through processing.

Kwality chaach is natural ideal coolant for the summer. It is the best thing you can give your body to fight dehydration and it also gives lactose intolerant people their dose of calcium without causing an adverse reaction. Kwality Milk brings to you an exceptional variety of protein fortified toned milk, which is not only rich in calcium, vitamin, and protein but also tastes delicious. The milk stands for good health. Kwality Milk in our new tetra pak can survive for a longer duration, without chilling.

Skimmed milk is best suited for milk lovers who are on a high-protein and low-calorie diet. Stay active and reap the benefits of premium quality fat-free skimmed nutri-active milk by Kwality Milk. You can easily carry our tetra pak with you anywhere, without worrying about spillage or losing the freshness of the drink.


Kwality Cream, made out of pure milk cream, has been finely processed. It is sterilized at high temperatures and aseptically packed. Prepare and serve delicious dishes made with Kwality Cream. Kwality lassi is refreshing milk based natural drink. It is creamier, thicker and delicious with all the goodness of milk.

Amul – The Taste of India

20010 Masala Chaach is a refreshing drink which has a perfect blend of condiments and spices. It is good for digestion and also act as a heat buster in peak summer season. Notice For Shareholder Attention to all shareholders Henceforth, any shareholder applying for dematerialization of existing physical share of Kwality Ltd. Rattan Sagar Khanna Chairman Mr. Sanjay Dhingra Chairman Dr. Rattan Sagar Khanna Chairman Dr. Sanjay Dhingra Chairman Ms. Ankita Mehrotra Chairman Mr. Sanjay Dhingra Chairman 2 Ms.

Ankita Mehrotra Member Mr. Manjit Singh Dahiya Member Mr. Sidhant Gupta Member Mr.


Sidhant Gupta Member Dr. Rattan Sagar Khanna Member Ms. Ankita Mehrotra Member 3 Mr. Rajesh Verma Member Ms.

Ankita Mehrotra Member Ms. Ankita Mehrotra Member Dr. Rattan Sagar Khanna Member Mr.

Rajinder Singh Member Mr. Satish Kumar Gupta Member Mr. Please register my e-mail ID as given below, in your records, for sending the communications: Name of 1st Registered Holder. Name of Joint Holder sif any. Registered Address of the Sole.

E-mail ID to be registered. Board Of Director Dr.

Investor Relations

Sanjay Dhingra Managing Director. Manjit Dahiya Whole Time Director. Sidhant Gupta Reeport Executive Director. Ashok Kumar Gupta Independent Director. Ankita Mehrotra Independent Director. Toned Milk Available in: Double Toned Milk Available in: Skimmed Milk Dahi Available in: Toned Milk Dahi Available in: Kwality Chaach Chaach Available in: Nutri-Active Toned Milk Available: Nutritional Information per ml Energy kcal 81 Fat g 1.