Es posible que necesite cirugía para la enfermedad de las encías grave ( periodontitis) si esta no puede curarse con antibióticos ni raspado y alisado radicular. TÉCNICAS QUIRÚRGICAS EN LA TERAPIA PERIODONTAL cerradas); Quirúrgica: Cirugía periodontal: Cirugía de colgajo; Gingivectomía y. Cirugía de colgajo (“A cielo abierto”); Cirugía regenerativa (RTG); Cirugía resectiva (Gingivectomía y gingivoplastía); Tratamiento de furcación.

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El primero en describir un colgajo de acceso a las superficies radiculares y a la cresta alveolar fue Neumannaunque sin el objetivo de eliminar la bolsa. Journal of Periodontology ; Tipos de colgajos periodontales El primero en describir un colgajo de acceso a las superficies radiculares y a la cresta alveolar fue Neumannaunque sin el objetivo de eliminar la bolsa. Los fibroblastos de los tejidos supraalveolar adyacente y la superficie dental proliferan 18 y se deposita nuevo tejido conectivo.

Journal of Clinical Periodontology ;9: The effect of cigarette smoking on wound healing. Journal of Clin Periodontol ;9: Results after 6 years. J Clin Periodontol ; Con el colgajo palatino es distinto: Lindhe J, Nyman S.

Cirugía ósea

Journal of Clinical Periodontology a;3: Impedimentos en el acceso para el raspado y alisado radicular. Histologic evaluation of new human attachment apparatus formation in humans, Part III. As observed on extracted teeth.

The apically repositioned flap. El tratamiento global de pacientes con enfermedad periodontal se divide en tres fases diferentes que, con frecuencia, se superponen: Microscopic demonstration of tissue reaction incident to removal of subgingival calculus. Healing of the dentoepithelial junction following subgingival plaque control.


A longitudinal study of periodontal therapy in cases of advanced disease. Journal of Clinical Periodontology ;7: Effect of cigarette smoking on periodontal healing following surgical therapy Journal of Clinical Periodontology ; Osseous resection – a basic principle in periodontal surgery?

Tratamiento periodontal quirúrgico: Revisión. Conceptos. Consideraciones. Procedimientos. Técnicas

Periodontxl of controlled oral hygiene procedures on caries and periodontal disease in adults. Las ventajas de este procedimiento son: Present status of the modified Widman flap procedure.

Journal of Clin Periodontol ;2: What does it mean? Dimensional alteration of the periodontal tissues following therapy. Scalling and root planning with cirugka without periodontal flap surgery. The effect of systemic plaque control on bone regeneration in infrabony pockets. Journal of Clin Periodontol ;7: Because the majority of these pathologies are related to plaque accumulation, periodontal surgical treatment might only be considered as an adjunct to cause-related periodontal therapy.

Effect of chlorhexidine on gingival wound healing in the dog. J Clin Periodontol ;8: El tratamiento periodontal por parte de un profesional permite un adecuado autocontrol de placa, de forma eficiente.

De este procedimiento se ilustra un caso Fig. In the present article the authors review the basis of surgical periodontal treatment as well as related concepts and considerations, cjrugia, indications and contraindications, procedures and factors that determine the selection of one or the other surgical technique. Microscopic evaluation of clinical measurements of connective tissue attachment level.


The origin of granulation tissue and its impact on postoperative results of mucogingival surgery. Developed surgical techniques must be evaluated on the basis of their potential to facilitate the elimination of subgingival deposits, as well as facilitate plaque control and thus improve the long term preservation of the periodontium. Los colgajos deben readaptarse al hueso subyacente y coaptar a nivel interproximal.


The kind of surgery performed, the number of sites included and the moment at which it should performed is decided after evaluating for the initial cause-related therapy results. El tratamiento global de pacientes con colgajjo periodontal se divide en tres fases diferentes, que con frecuencia se superponen. Periodontal surgery can contribute to this end creating accessibility for an adequate scaling and cokgajo planning therefore restoring the gingival morphology which facilitates the automatic plaque control of the patient.

Claffey N, Egelberg J.