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Furthermore, her illustration of the contrasting methods and goals of the Biopolis biomedical center in Singapore and BGI Genomics in China raises questions. BGI · BGI · BGI · BGI · BGI · BGI · BGI · BGI BGI · BGI · BGI · BGI · BGI · BGI · BGI annotations, further analysis on sequenced strains from the EHEC outbreak – ehec-outbreak-crowdsourced/BGI-data-analysis. FT gene

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The Microarray Facility offers researchers the place to generate and incorporate genomic and expression microarray data into their researches. Genotypic is ISO IMGM Laboratories offers advanced genomic services including biomarker discovery, metagenomics, biodistribution, and pharmacogenetics.

DeNA Life Science contributes to people’s health, happiness and future through the power of life science and information technology. The ACRF Centre for Cancer Genomic Medicine was established in to pioneer innovative research that will lead to significant outcomes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

For more information or to request a quote, contact Ambry Genetics at or visit www. For both academic institutions and private vgi, we leverage cutting-edge next-generation sequencing capabilities for research and clinical applications. State-of-the-art laboratories, excellence in science, leadership and a string international network are the key elements backing this Illumina CS-PRO center.

Applied Biological Materials abm searches for the latest innovations for life science research and drug development. We offer bio-informatic support and custom assay services. Large-scale genomics revolves around three platforms: CSPro is a service partnership established between Illumina and service provider laboratories designed to help insure your success in providing bgk customers with the highest-quality genetic analysis services using Illumina’s leading-edge technology.


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In Fungible Life Aihwa Ong explores the dynamic world of cutting-edge bioscience research, offering critical insights into the complex ways Asian bioscientific worlds and cosmopolitan sciences are entangled in a tropical environment brimming with the threat of emergent diseases. Service offerings include whole-genome including de novotranscriptome, methylome, ChIP, smRNA, and exome targeted or whole.

Dr Christopher Wong Email: Center for Medical Genetics and Molecularmedicine Laboratoriebygget, 6 etg. With a global presence, Macrogen operates through U. The bhi platform offers high-quality protein analysis services. We also provide bioinformatics support and consultation on study design, marker selection and tools for high-throughput data analysis.

The NTU YongLin Biomedical Engineering Center employs experimental design, microarray, next-generation sequencing and statistical analysis in the fields of gene specific disease and genetic epidemiological studies. Woodbury, NY Contact: Founded in50443 is a leading genomic sequencing service provider in China, with three laboratories Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou offering Sanger, NGS, and third-generation sequencing technologies to the majority of academic organizations in China.

Instead, our team will send the data as a comprehensive report customized to fit your needs! Expression Analysis offers solutions for challenging specimens such as whole blood and FFPE tissues and nucleic acid isolation.

Our specialities are in disease gene identification, cancer genomics, genomics of infectious diseases, model organisms bti agrogenomics. How do I become CSPro? Personalis provides Academic, Pharma, Biotech and Clinical customers an accurate and comprehensive end-to-end human genome sequencing and analysis solution.

Jiang zhi, Liu Jian Phone: For now, we bfi finished many important genome projects, and developed the software for diploid genome assembly.


CeGaT provides next-generation sequencing NGS for customer-specific projects that require a variety of different services including: CSPro is about partnership and collaboration.

The Genomics Platform PGP is a division of Parco Tecnologico Padano which was established inin collaboration with European leaders in genomics and automation and offers high-throughput analysis.

CSPro Partners

SNP Genetics is a bio-venture 5034 applying its discoveries in human 50433 to the development of diagnostic markers for common diseases. To find out more about an Illumina CSPro organization, click on the links in the scrollable list below. BaseClear offers a comprehensive set of genome and transcriptome sequencing services, including project design, sequencing and complete downstream Bioinformatics analysis of the sequence data produced using the Illumina sequencing platform.

NGI aims to provide knowledge along with sequencing services and hence supports project design as well as bioinformatics analyses.

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We are an ISO Our experienced team can assist with project design, provide advice for sample preparation and ensure the chosen technology can meet specific project requirements. In addition, Advanced Genomics provides genetic characterization and pathogen testing services of tissue samples and cell lines.

We have years of experience offering a range of services from sample preparation right through to analysis and bioinformatic 50433. Becoming a CSPro is a very simple, three-phase process. We are uniquely equipped to handle all scales of projects, from small pilot studies to large-scale, high-throughput assays.