Indies, by Bartolome de las Casas This eBook is for the use of anyone PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK DESTRUCTION OF THE INDIES ***. “A Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies,” by Bartolome de Las Casas Las Casas was not the only clerical voice that criticized Spanish imperialists. A Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies by Bartolomé de las Casas. No cover available. Download; Bibrec.

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For the Spaniards while they were among them did not only entertain them with cruel beating them with their fists, and with their slaves, but presumed also to lay violent hands upon the Rulers and Magistrates of their Cities: These were letters dated the There is no man that can sufficiently express the fertility of this Island, the temperateness of the air, or the multitude of the people that did inhabit it.


A Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies by Bartolomé de las Casas

The rest of his Nobles ended their lives in that servitude and slavery which shall be hereafter related. They call the Indians Warlike, that continually fly to the Mountains to avoid the cruelty of the Spaniards, and they call those the Indians and Ghe of the Country, whom they have subjected to the hardship of a perpetual slavery by the terror of their massacres: It can hardly be said or expressed, with how many injuries and unjust actions they used to afflict the poor Indians in these Countries from Here they put to the sword an infinite number of people, with many additions of cruelty.

All these Massacres were committed within the space of fourteen years. In the like manner they laid waste the Provinces of Tatepeca, Ipilcingonium, and Columa, every one of which is of as large a compass as the Kingdoms of Legiona and Castile.

For from the South to the North it is stretched forward fourscore miles in length; in breadth it takes up sometimes eight, off five, and sometimes ten miles, on all sides it is shut up with very high mountains; it is watered by thirty thousand Rivers and Rivolets, whereof twelve are not less then either Duerus, Ebrus, or Guadalquiver: Indoes account was largely responsible for the passage of the new Spanish colonial laws known as the New Laws ofwhich abolished native slavery for the first time in European colonial history and led to the Valladolid debate.

He wholly destroyed the City it self, which the other Spaniards yhe were wont to harrace all the sea coast, were notwithstanding much troubled at, abominating acions so hainous committed against them who had been so courteous and liberal to them, and where they had been entertain’d as in their own houses.

There was never any action to protect the native people who did all they could to succumb to the Spanish Crown’s wishes, even swearing allegiance when given the chance. This Death they found out also for the Lords and Nobles of the Land; they stuck up forked sticks in the ground, and then laid certain perches upon them, and so laying them upon those perches, they put a gentle fire under, causing the fire to melt them away by degrees, to their unspeakable torment.


He urged peaceful, not forced military conversion of the Indians to the “true faith. The book has been critiqued for centuries for its reliability about the treatment of the indigenous people and the number of indigenous people who died as a result of the mistreatment by the Spanish conquistadors.

Into this territory he sent above fifty horse, who totally extirpated the people of this Province by the Sword, sparing no age nor sex, not for any wrong they did them, but sometimes it came not so speedily when they called as they expected, or if they brought not such quantities of corn as they imposed, or if they did not bring a sufficient quantity of Indians to their service: And if they fainted by the way, they would not take the pains to open the setters, but came to the fainting person, and cut off his head or his hands, and iindies left them.

A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies Summary & Study Guide

The reason why they did captivate the Indians was only this; out of a perverse, obstinate and blind desire of heaping up Gold and riches, which is common to all that have gone into America. Francis, who began to talk to him of God and of the Articles of our Faith, telling him, that the small respire which the Executioner gave him was sufficient for him to make sure his salvation if he believed.

A certain Lord of great power among them by name Hathvey, who had fled over to Cuba, that he might avoid either death or perpetual captivity, hearing by some of the Indians that the Spaniards were also come into this Island, having assembled the Indians together, he began as followeth: He worked on behalf of human rights in the New World until his death in July John and Jamaica In the yearthe Islands of St. Dominick consulted about sending some of their Order to this Island, to spread the light of the Gospel among the Indians, for the salvation of their souls; Whereupon they sent a Licentiate, famous for his sanctity with a lay man, to accompany him, to visit the Country, converse with the Inhabitants, and to seek out fit places for the building of Monasteries.

And the men being separated from the women, there was no more issue to be expected from them. The Captain made answer, that he would not receive them, and that moreover he would kill them all unless they would declare whither their Lords were fled: But the cruelties and injuries of the Tyrants that went from these parts to depopulate which they called discover other Regions overtaking them; many Indians were by them slain, while they sought to defend themselves in the rocks: And this may be also a general rule, that the Spaniards to what ever part of the Indies they did come to, after that time ceased not to exercise their abominable slaughters, tyrannies, and execrable oppressions upon the poor people, and being delighted with new kinds of torments, daily increased their cruelty and rage.

The majority of the natives died en route to being sold as slaves on the ships and simply thrown overboard.

He was afterwards made Indied of the City of Mexico, and with him many other his fellow tyrants advanced to the office of Auditors; which Offices they contaminated with so many impieties and abominations, that it is hardly to be imagined.


The Indians of these Regions us’d to break forth into these expressions, when they are forc’d naked through the craggy passages of the mountains, if at any time they chanced to saint with vestruction for then they are constantly beaten with canes, sometimes their teeth indues out with the hilts of their swords, to make them rise and proceed on in their journeys without any rest then were they wont I say to break forth into these expressions, Oh how envious art thou!

To these quiet Lambs, endued with such blessed qualities, came the Fasas like most cruel Tigres, Wolves, and Lions, enrag’d with a sharp and ferocious hunger; for these forty years past, minding nothing else but the slaughter of these unfortunate wretches, whom with divers kinds of torments neither seen nor heard of before, they have so cruelly and inhumanely butchered, that of three millions of people which Hispaniola it self did contain, there are left remaining alive scarce three hundred persons.

View the Lesson Plans. In the year While the Spaniards were hunting after the Indians with their dogs, they met with an Indian Women, who being sick and seeing that she was not able to escape them, taking a rope hang’d her self, hanging also her childe of a year old about her waste by the feet; but the dogs immediately fell upon the childe, only he was baptized by a religious person before he died.

They lie upon mats, only those who have larger fortunes, lye upon a kind of net which is tied at the four corners, and so fasten’d to the roof, which the Indians in their natural language call Hamecks. The Nobles also and Princes of the Royal blood every one according to their degree, were busy in these sports in those places which were nearest the houses where the King was detained captive.

Of Hispaniola In the Island of Hispaniola, to which the Spaniards came first, these slaughters and ruins of mankind took their beginning.

This Governor went further, having a great desire to see the lower parts of Peru; for which journey he provided an infinite number of Indians, lading them with chains and heavy burdens; and if any of them fainted by the way, because they would not stand to loosen the chains, they cut off their hands and heads, casting the head one way, and the body another, and their burdens were divided and impos’d upon others. The Indians seeing that the Promises of the religious persons, that the Spaniards should not enter into their Country, were not performed, and that the Spaniards brought Idols out of other places to sell them into their Country, whereas the religious persons had made them to burn all theirs, that there might be but one worship of one God, came and spoke to them in this manner.

From that year unto this present year